SAT/ACT Test Prep

Nowhere is our motto of *Learning to Learn* more relevant than in the world of standardized testing. Learning the format, design, and style of a test is just as important as knowing the content, so our SAT/ACT philosophy is to enable students to think like the test-makers. This unique approach allows Townsend students to spot […]

Job Skills Training

The expansive Townsend Works curriculum offered at our distinctive learning center is more than just computer training. We provide holistic learning opportunities specifically designed to help adults with employment barriers. We understand the intricacies of today’s fast-paced and competitive work environment. Our training modules address not only computer literacy but also the interpersonal communication and […]

Academic Tutoring

Why Townsend? Proven track record Since 1969, Townsend Learning Center has helped thousands of school-aged students improve their grades and learning skills. Overcome learning barriers Students who work with our experienced and knowledgeable staff gain a new level of confidence as they learn how to overcome learning barriers. Parenting isn’t easy Parents navigating an ever […]


These short videos offer insight from staff regarding specific branches of our center. Click on each video link below to find out more.

Success Stories

At Townsend, we measure our effectiveness by the continued success of our clients after they leave our program. Sharing their stories offers inspiration and motivation for both students and staff. Our students prove time and again that hard work and determination can change the course of a life in the face of adversity.

Student Portal

Helpful resources for learning, job search, and benefits Get new skills at  TypingAce, IXL, Cleve. Public Library, or Akron Public Library Learn more about careers at ONet Resource Center or America’s Career Infonet Find a good job at Career Board, Monster, Jobs, Career Builder, or Indeed. Get the latest news from The New York Times, USA Today, The […]